Dreamscreens: Dream Quotes

Dreamscreens: Dream Quotes is a USB drive that contains over 500 of inspirational quotes set on a background of famous impressionism and post impressionism paintings that can be played on your TV as a slideshow or a video.

Turn your TV into your own life coach with Dreamscreens Dream Quotes. Dreamscreens Dream Quotes is a USB drive with over 500 inspirational, thought-provoking quotes that can be played on your smart TV or computer as a slideshow. Never have an empty black TV screen again when having a gathering. Instead, play your Dream Dream Quotes and make your TV a conversation starter. Each quote is set with a background of a famous impressionism or post-impressionism painting making your Dream Quotes a piece of art as well as a source of inspiration.

How it Works:
Most TVs* today have the ability to plug a USB drive into the TV and play a slideshow of images from the drive. Most can also play videos from the USB drive. Dreamscreens contains a collection of over 500 quotes with famous impressionism and post-impressionism paintings as backgrounds that can be played as a slideshow. It also contains a pre-recorded slideshow video with background music.

Plug your Dreamscreens into your TV and press the Input button on your remote until you select USB. Play a slideshow of your images or play the video and sit back and enjoy your new artwork.

Not Just for TVs!
If you have a digital picture frame, Dreamscreens can be played on your digital frames that have 16:9 aspect ratios turning your digital frames to a collection inspirational quotes. You can also play the art as a slideshow on your computer or use the images as wallpaper or screensavers.

*Please check that your TV can play images or videos from USB drives before purchasing.

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