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Photo Backup Stick Support Page

Please read the FAQ and watch the instructional video below. If you still have problems using your Photo Backup Stick, please contact us at or call us at 801.930.5821.

The Photo Backup Stick DC for Android app can be installed from here:

This is likely because you have iCloud Photos enabled with the Optimize iPhone Storage checked. If this setting is checked, all your photos are stored on iCloud and only low-resolution versions are on your phone. These low-resolution versions cannot be accessed and downloaded so you must change the setting to Download and Keep Originals. After you change this setting, it may take hours or even days for your phone to download all your photos from iCloud depending on how many photos you have. To change your settings, follow the instructions below:

On you iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Your Name.
  3. Tap Photos.
  4. Tap Download and Keep Originals.

Your photos will start downloading to your device but it may take hours or even days to complete depending on your connection and number of photos.

Sometimes, Windows cannot access the photos or can only access some photos on iPhones. This is a known problem. Here are some steps to try. Note: you can try backing up your photos after each step since any one of these steps may fix the issue:

  1. Unlock your iPhone screen and hit “Trust” when asked to trust this computer.
  2. Restart your computer and restart your iPhone.
  3. Install iTunes on the computer.
  4. Authorize the computer manually in iTunes:
  5. Try resetting location and privacy on your iPhone: To to Settings/General/Reset and tap Reset Location & Privacy
  6. Take a new photo. Yes, this may be strange but this hasbeen known to trigger Windows into being able to see the photos folder on your phone.

If you need to restore your stick to factory settings because you deleted the app, formatted the drive, etc., please follow these instructions:

Please Note: Restoring your drive to factory settings will wipe any backups from your Photo Backup Stick! Please use the Copy backup from the stick to PC feature to save your backup to your computer before restoring your stick.

To restore your stick to factory settings, follow these directions:
1. Download the Photo Backup Restore app from:
2. Plug your Photo Backup Stick into your computer.
3. Open the pbs-restore.exe app (note, your computer may only show it as pbs-restore).
4. Check the “PHOTOBACKUP” drive and click the “Recover” button.
Please Note: If you Photo Backup Stick needs to be formatted, format your drive and click the “Refresh List” button.
5. Your Photo Backup Stick will now be restored to factory settings.

If you don’t see your phone, click the “Refresh” button to search for it again. If you still don’t see it, check the connection and make sure Windows recognizes the device. You may have to unlock your screen and/or trust the computer on your phone’s screen.

When the Photo Backup Stick does a backup the first time on a computer or phone, it backs up all photos. It cannot detect if you have duplicates. However, if you back up the same device again, it will be able to tell what has been backed up and will not back up the same photos twice. It will only back up new photos.

If you’re seeing duplicates, it is likely that you had copies of the same photo in multiple locations during the first backup. It is also possible that they are not exact duplicates but separate photos of the same thing. Burst mode photos from phones can appear exactly the same but they are actually different photos and have different file fingerprints so there’s no way for the software to tell that they are similar.

The Photo Backup Stick does not connect directly to phones or tablets. To back up from phones or tablets, connect the device to your Windows computer and plug the Photo Backup Stick into the computer. Run the backup app from the stick and select the connected device. Pictures and videos will back up to the USB storage on the Photo Backup Stick.

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