Photo Backup Stick Warranty

Every Photo Backup Stick is covered by Paraben Consumer Software’s (Company) limited warranty.


What is Covered?

Company warrants legitimate Photo Backup Sticks against manufacturing defects of the hardware under normal use for a period of one year (1 year) from the purchase date by the original purchaser. This Warranty Period covers the following, should a valid claim arise within the Warranty Period:

(1) Repair of the hardware defect when possible using new or refurbished replacement parts at no charge.

(2) Replacement of defective hardware when repair is not possible with equal or greater storage capacity parts with no charge.

When replacements are provided, defective parts become the property of Company and the replacement parts are warrantied under the original warranty. If the remaining warranty period is less than 90 days, the replacement parts will be warrantied for an additional 90 days.


What is Not Covered?

Company’s product warranty does not cover damage or problems caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification, normal wear and tear, water damage, or force majeure. The warranty does not cover any product that is not a valid Photo Backup Stick.

Company does not warrant that the product will be free from errors, nor is it responsible for damage or loss of data arising from use of products. Company does not warrant against accidental or purposeful deletion or altering of software or related files from product. Such deletion or altering, whether purposeful or carried out by anti-virus or other software, can result in physical damage to the product as well as loss of functionality of the software.


Warranty Service

Warranty claims can be submitted by email or phone through Company’s contact information available on Company’s website. Customers must follow instructions to diagnose possible warranty claims before repair or replacement. If Company determines product is defective, return instructions will be given. Customer is responsible for shipping product to Company and Company is responsible for shipping repaired or replaced product back to customer.

Any data such as backed up photos or videos that are left on product returned for warranty service will be deleted. It is the customer’s responsibility to copy backed up files to a computer or storage drive before sending product in for repair. Company is not responsible for lost data.