How to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos

If you’re like most people, you have photos on your phone, you have photos on your tablet, and you have photos on your computer. You may even have some of them organized into folders by location, event, or date. However, one issue that almost anybody has today is that of duplicate photos. It’s easy for you to have several copies of a photo whether it’s in many locations on your computer or you have the same photo on multiple devices. This can be very annoying, especially when you were organizing your photos.

There is a way for software to detect exact duplicates. First, we need to establish what a duplicate photo is. An exact duplicate photo is simply a copy other photo. An unedited, unfiltered, and unchanged copy. Photos that have been edited in any way or not exact duplicates. This means that if you have applied a filter to a photo and you have both the original an edited photo, it is not an exact duplicate. Also, if you have sent a photo via text message or upload it to the cloud, it is likely to be resized to a smaller size too easily transfer and take up less bandwidth. These types of photos, again are not exact duplicates. Despite these types of duplicate photos not being exact duplicates, there are plenty of exact duplicates in most people’s photo collections. Software can detect these exact duplicates by comparing their hash value sometimes referred to as a file fingerprint. Once detected, it can remove all but one copy, so you were left with no exact duplicates.

One tool that has this type of feature is the Photo Backup Stick. Not only will it remove duplicates with a tap of a button, but it is designed to collect all your photos from all of your devices into one place. The Photo Backup Stick can find all your photos from all your devices and save them to the USB drive. It supports iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, windows computers, and Mac computers. This means that if you have photos on all these types of devices, you can use one photo backup stick to scan for, collect, and deduplicate all your photos with one easy-to-use tool.

The first way that the Photo Backup Stick avoids duplicates is that it only backs up a photo one time. So, if you back up your phone’s photos and then later back up again, it will only backup the new photos. Once you have collected all your photos from all your devices, to remove duplicates, plug the Photo Backup Stick into a computer and run the app. Under options there is a button to remove duplicates. When you click on this button it will scan all your photos that you have collected from all your devices and remove all exact duplicates. This is just one of many incredible features this tool has to offer.

Photo Backup Stick

One tool supports almost all devices. Plug it in. Back up photos and videos. Relax. Your memories are safe now.