Phone2FrameTM - Your Phone Pictures on Your Frame Without Wi-Fi or the Cloud

Featuring the Photo Backup Stick

Easily Gather Photos from Almost Any Phone, Computer, or Tablet

Phone2Frame includes a Photo Backup Stick to make gathering your pictures from iPhones & iPads, Android phones & tablets, and Windows & Mac computers a snap.
The Photo Backup Stick even allows you to resize and rotate photos in a virtual frame so you can see exactly how they will display on your Phone2Frame digital picture frame.

Get Your Photos on Your Frame

No Wi-Fi. No Bluetooth. No Cloud. No Accounts.

Step 1

Plug in your Photo Backup Stick and open the app

Step 2

Tap the Backup Photos button to copy your pictures to the USB drive

Step 3

Edit your photos - delete, rotate, or crop

Step 4

Plug the Photo Backup Stick into your Phone2Frame

Compatible with:

Before Editing Your Photo

After Editing Your Photo

Easily Edit Your Photos with the Photo Backup Stick Apps: Delete, Rotate, & Crop to Fill the Entire Frame

Easily Copy Your Photos from Your Phone or Tablet

Phone2Frame includes a Photo Backup Stick that will gather your photos. Plug the Photo Backup Stick micro SD card into your Phone2Frame digital picture frame and it will automatically play your photos as a slideshow.

What's In the Phone2Frame Box?

Product Details

Phone2Frame with Photo Backup Stick is designed so that anyone, no matter their technical abilities, can get their photos and videos from their phone to their digital picture frame. Most digital frames require experienced computer users to load and edit photos on a USB drive or SD card to be displayed on digital frames. Some frames offer complex features like cloud, email, Wi-Fi, and app photo sharing to get photos from your phone to your frame. Phone2Frame requires no Wi-Fi, no cloud, and no accounts. Simply plug the Photo Backup Stick that comes with your Phone2Frame into your phone, tablet, or computer and click or tap the button to backup your photos. Once backed up, you have the option to edit them so they appear how you want on the frame. Plug the micro SD card from your Photo Backup Stick into the frame and turn it on and your photos will automatically start playing.

One major challenge for Apple users is that digital frames cannot display photos from iPhones, iPads, or Macs because they are in Apple’s HEIC format. When you backup your photos using the Photo Backup Stick, you can have it automatically convert your photos to JPEG format so they can be played on any digital frame or smart TV. 

Phone2Frame supports backing up photos from iPhones, iPads, Android phones & tablets, and Windows and Mac computers. It has a high-definition IPS screen and remote control for easy operation. Phone2Frame plays photos or videos, optional background music, on/off scheduler to play when you want it, multiple transition effects, and even has an alarm clock.

  • Includes digital picture frame, Photo Backup Stick photo collection & storage tool, remote control, and table stand.
    Easily collects your photos from phones, tablets, or computers and displays them on your frame without complex Wi-Fi or cloud setup.
  • High-definition IPS screen allows for wide angle viewing with a 1920×800 resolution.
    Preview how your photos will display on the frame and edit them using the Photo Backup Stick apps – rotate, resize, and crop to fit your frame.
  • Scheduler allows you to save energy by scheduling when the frame displays photos.
  • Remote control or manual control for easy setup and navigation.